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Website Layout Ideas for All

Website Layout Ideas for All

The layout of your website is an important decision to make, as it could be a deal breaker when it comes to retaining or even gaining customers!  There are three main areas to think about with layout.  The menu bar location, the header and the page width.


The menu can be placed in various locations on the site, or even hidden away behind a button.  It is an important area of the website, as the menu is where users will go to navigate to different pages.  I recommend that the menu is either placed along the top or down the side of the page, as this is easy to find and see.  Those which  are placed behind a button can make the site look really pretty, but can be awkward to find!


The header could be a static image, a video, a slider or other form of image at the top of the page.  It is the first thing visitors see!  Make sure it sells what you are going for.

Page width

The page can be either a full screen width, or a boxed width.  The full screen width is popular with modern websites which need to look good on tablets as well as desktop screens, whereas the  boxed width is a set dimension, a more traditional looking site.