Should You Still Hire A Web Designer?

Lots of people are put off hiring a professional website designer thanks to the hefty price tag which accompanies it.  Having a custom website built can easily cost in excess of £3000, which is often seen as untenable by many companies.  They instead, feel that they can save that money as do it themselves using one of the popular ‘web builders’ available online.

These web builders offer free web design tools, but in reality you do end up paying a monthly service fee which covers hosting as well as other costs. This is usually a relatively small monthly fee, but when you consider it lasts for the lifetime of the website, it can end up being thousands.  While web design has a relatively high one off cost, once it is paid, that is is, paid for.  Web builders rely on people having to pay their monthly fee for ever.  This can end up being a bit of a bum deal!