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Becoming a Software Developer

Becoming a Software Developer

Software developers are in high demand currently and that demand is projected to increase in the near future. If you enjoy working with computers, math, and have a good understanding of what users of software need you might find work as a software developer enjoyable. There are many ways to get started finding work as a software developer and learning some of them can help make your job search a success.

Learning what you can about the job is important.  If you understand more about the job role, you will be on a better path to getting your dream job and knowing if it is the right fit for you.

  • The average wage for a software developer is around $90,000 annually (£70,000)
  • Huge demand for software developers
  • Build computer programs which run apps or build the apps themselves

You need to choose a technical area to focus on, such as game development, app development or web development.  Choose a programming language you are interested in and learn it.  It is possible to teach yourself using online resources, or you might want to choose a college or university course.  Try to get some work experience within a development team to get a feel for the job.